Thursday, June 28, 2012

Non-stick Ketchup Bottes

Extracting the last bit of ketchup from an almost empty bottle has always been a challenge.  Everyone has their own method from banging the side of the bottle to inserting a butter knife.  As soon as this additive created by MIT students goes to market, those days will be in the past.  This super slippery coating called LiquiGlide, made up of nontoxic materials makes even the most viscous liquids slip out of the container like water.  It can be applied to all sorts of food packaging--though ketchup and mayonnaise bottles will likely be their first targets.  It may seem like a narrow focus but when you think about the market size-just sauce alone is a $17 billion market.

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  1. This is is an excellent idea, and one that I'm surprised hasn't been thought of sooner. Thanks for sharing the information!