Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Impressive "Can Do" packaging of 2010

Every month I come across packaging that’s received accolades for being pretty but I’m not interested only in looks…I judge on their special talents.  I’m interested in the most innovative, trick pony packaging.  Designers were busy in 2010 thinking of ways packaging could do more for you.  Some solve problems while others simply look to entertain….

Heinz Dip & Squeeze

Heinz tomato ketchup badly needed a redesign the moment it unveiled its original packet packaging in 1968.  The new design allows the user to pull back the film to dip or tear the tab to squeeze onto your food.  The package also contains three times as much ketchup as its predecessor. 

Thoughtful Spaghetti Packaging

Designed by Packaging student Neal Fletcher, this spaghetti package looks to assist in portion control.  Open one flap or all six to pour the desired amount of noodles into the pot. Less waste and the package can be re-used.

Greenbox Pizza Box

Designed by Eco Incorporated, the Green Box Pizza Box is perforated to create four serving plates.  The box then breaks down into a smaller box for leftovers eliminating the problem of smashing a giant pizza box with two pieces of pizza into your refrigerator.

Heatswell Coffee Cup

Scott Amron’s insulated coffee cup eliminates the need for a cup sleeve.  Pouring a hot liquid into the cup activates the blue mid-section to swell into a thick, cloth-like insulated grip band.  It's non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable!

Tuned Pale Ale

As if drinking didn't already inspire amateur musical spontaneity, Tuned Pale Ale encourages it. Graphics designed on the label tell the user to drink more to play different notes.  Run your bottle cap along the parallel ridges molded into the side of the bottle and you have percussion.  Turn the wooden carton over and it doubles as a drum.  Get your friends together and you can start a band.

GGRP's Promotional Phonograph

GGRP’s brilliant album sleeve transforms itself into a miniature record player. Insert the complimentary 45rpm on the pin and spin with a pencil (or any pointed object). The folded corrugate amplifies the sound. The below video should give you a better idea of how it works: