Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Distributors? Because we've been there--we've done that.

Is there a chance your looking for a 100% PCR HDPE Cylinder? Perhaps a disc top dispensing closure that's stocked in shiny metallic silver? Or maybe a full line of Glass Boston Rounds stocked somewhere on the west coast in multiple colors and easily accessible with short or no lead times?   A distributor is thoroughly acquainted with these sorts of requests.  Chances are most companies seeking packaging call a manufacturer and when said manufacturer doesn't have what they're looking for, they point them in the direction of the nearest distributor. In the five years I've been selling packaging, people have come to me from every industry looking for almost every kind of package.  Most of the time we readily supply the package they're looking for and if we don't, we call everyone we know looking for it (in my case sometimes out of sheer curiosity). Distributors work with a giant network of manufacturers so chances are, we can supply what you're looking for or something a lot like it.